Hygge, is the Danish word for what I call the Art of Comfort. The Nordic people call it Lagom, the Japanese call it Ikigai, the Scots call it Cosagach…etc. etc. etc. It means the basically the same thing in every country, every language, mostly addressing the subject of the physical things that humans can use and do that make humans feel cozy and comfortable. You know, the things you live for, but only do on the weekend, or eat when you’re not on a diet….the rewards, should you choose to receive them, for doing a good job being here in this body on this Earth.

I’m American, of Scandinavian and European descent. I choose to use the word “HooGa” to exemplify the Art of Comfort because: A) I like the way it sounds, and B) my version of this is a little bit of all of the ideas I’ve run into in my research.

I choose not to use any one specific country’s version, but a little bit of all of them combined…think of my work as, like the US, a melting pot of Comfort.

There are 3 big differences in HooGa, Stone Angel Studios style.

1. While I find Hoo-Ga to be the optimal state of being cozy and comfortable (as do other countries version), I think it applies to being both comfortable in your own skin, as well as with your surroundings. It helps to be comfortable with yourself BEFORE entering into social relationships.

2. HooGa is the ultimate bio-feedback mechanism – it works if you do. I am not recommending you lounge about and only seek out Hallmark Movie channel type experiences, (you know, the shows that have a happy, cozy outcome with very little tension), every moment of every day. On the contrary, I recommend that you apply the Art of Comfort as a personal reward for a job well done. For example, it does no good to rest a body that’s been at rest all day. It is more satisfying and cozy to relax after a nice bit of exercise to tire out the body in order to EARN the reward. How American, right? Same goes for the quality of your thoughts and emotions. If you place your need for HooGa on a continuum, you get the most out of it when you experience the full spectrum!

3. I know that everyone is different and we all have a slightly different way of applying the Art of Comfort to our lives. I think it’s important to know the basic Human foundational comforts that everyone needs, then learn to apply a little bit more complicated version of the work according to the skin you’re in, one of 6 Constitutional Physiques. Then, you can take it to the ultimate level of comfort, what specifically works best for you on an Individual basis.

HooGa isn’t about spending money, it’s about making choices that make you feel like you have a cozy and comfortable lifestyle. You CAN spend money getting your self and your surroundings as comfortable as possible, but it isn’t necessary, all you need to do is become aware of what presently surrounds you and make the best of whats there right here and right now. It makes for a very comfortable present as well as a bright future, since you will go forward making informed, educated decisions on what to bring into your surroundings now that you know what they are.

HooGa Your Way!




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