How Our Clients Feel

Let me start by saying that I have had my astrological chart read many times by many astrologers. I have also had many psychic readings and healings. My experience with Jennifer is one of many confirmations, multiple overlaps, and numerous insights and enlightenments. Jennifer not only read my chart in a more accurate and detailed manner than previously done, she told me and showed me more insights and more truths than before. She cleared up some misconceptions and shallow readings, and gave me much to ponder, reflect upon, and work to do! I took her recommendations and put them into practice and they bore fruit immediately. She cleared up one part of my chart that I had wrongly followed for years, if not decades. Jennifer also followed up with another reading, texts, and messages. I could feel her profound insight into my chart, and her deep care for my well-being and prosperity, as well as her encouragement for progress and beyond! She is also helping me with a complete make-over to coincide with my chart so that my outsides show and reflect my insides.

If you have never had your chart read, you will be in great hands with jennifer. If you’ve had your chart read before, you will be pleasantly surprised. I can recommend Jennifer as a master astrologer, a healer, a spiritual seeker, and just a really nice person. She is both funny and serious, light hearted and deep thinking, and she will rock your world!

-Ray H., current client




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