The Center for Transformation

Our Vision

The Center for the Art of Transformation will be a retreat in the Western US that will be holistic rejuvenation – and transformation – center of multi-disciplinary health and wellness practices. A one-stop oasis for physical appearance Transformations including: hair cut and color, makeup choices and application, clothing alterations and accessories wardrobes, as well as mental and emotional Whole Life Coaching through bodywork, yoga, meditation, self-awareness, education, creating inward and outward cohesion.

Enter a Blank Slate – all you need is your time, place and date of birth. Leave Transformed… into your most Authentic Self with the guidance of you r Astrological Blueprint and your Physique plus the information and support to help maintain your transformation throughout your life.

The Center for the Art of Transformation is still a dream. But we hope you will help us make it happen. We want to talk to everyone and anyone who is excited by this idea. We welcome your thoughts and hearing what you hope it might be, and especially if you would consider participating in any way




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