I find that life as a Whole is a combination of personal internal and external influences that flow through your mind, body and emotions within a pattern. Your ideal pattern is laid out at birth from your DNA and Physique, the time, place and circumstances as well as the culture you are immersed in. Combine that with your Astrological Blueprint and you have a clear Ideal Path. The actions you take in the course of your life determine your present reality.

Each area in the pattern is important, and when you thrive in all 12 Areas of Life, the sum of the Whole far exceeds it’s individual pieces. On a larger, broader scale, the country, culture, race, religion, etc. all have Whole lifestyle patterns that they have created to sustain quality of life. I believe it’s why the Native Americans, as an example, don’t share details of their culture with anyone not of their tribe, because if you don’t live the whole life and lifestyle system, it isn’t effective. Parts and pieces of knowledge and actions mixed with others don’t lead you to a Whole Life… unless it’s designed specifically for YOU, with YOUR Authentic details.

It’s my job to help you identify your Physique and your Authentic Blueprint, then to educate you on what you need to know that’s pertinent you YOUR Authentic Lifestyle, then direct you to take right actions that support your individuality.

Just imagine if everyone in the world was operating from their Ideal Blueprint … Whole, Happy, Healthy people having fun…

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