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Stone Angel Studios by Jennifer Kaufman
Feb 1, 2021

It’s important to know where you are in space and time. You’re aware of your place on Earth, but are you aware of what is happening in the Space above you? February begins in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius and moves on into the sign of Pisces on February 18th, where the energy shifts from the Archetype of the Rebel to that of the Dreamer. In the Zodiac, the turn of the wheel begins in Aries, representing the beginning of Spring in the World of the Western Hemisphere, which means, here at the end of Winter, we are presently at the end of our yearly cycle. As we leave mAquarius and enter Pisces, we finish up experiences represented by the container of the 11th House of Community and Common Causes, and enter into the container of the 12th House of Endings and Synthesis. It’s not hard to associate THIS year with some common causes, be it the US Presidential Election or the Worldwide Pandemic, but take note of anything on a smaller, closer to home scale that these two areas have had impact in your life personally.

Journal Prompt: What type of syntheses or endings do you anticipate allowing yourself to experience the birth of a new season/year?

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Snow drops appear in February as a visible sign that life is re-emerging.
Are you ready to emerge as yourself in 2021?

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At the New Moon we experience new beginnings, plant seeds and set intentions in our monthly cycle. This New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th, we are ready to being a new cycle and invite the radical change that’s been happening within to emerge.
Journal Prompt: What has radically changed in my life in the past month, season, year? How has it changed me and what can I do now that I wasn’t able to do before?

The Full Moon is the culmination of what we have grown in the month. This Full Moon in hVirgo on February 27th allows us to be “of service”, fueled by the intuitive insights we receive when we are hearts are fully open. Journal Prompt: What do I intuitively know that I am blocking? Where can I open my heart to experience the fullness of life rather than closing down out of fear?

One of the best things you can do for your Human body, is to re-acclimate it with the Earth.made of the stars, the clay and dust and water that makes up the physical matter of our Earth, and if we separate ourselves from it with concrete and artificial surroundings, we are cutting ourselves off from a major source of health and energy for our physical forms.

3 easy things you can do to get back in tune with the Earth:
1. Go outside and sit in the sunlight for 20-30 minutes a day. This is not only a source of natural Vitamin D for your body, but also an electron charger for your cells.
2. Walk barefooted on real ground. Concrete sidewalks and asphalt roads do not conduct the electromagnetic frequencies the Earth emits, and the soles of our shoes (rubber, for instance) prevent them from reaching our body as well.
3. Be a tree hugger. Anything alive and connected with Nature will willingly share their energy with you. But trees, go deep into the ground and high up into the sky and contain a ton of beneficial juju. Find a tree near you, whether in your yard, a local park or National Forest and give it a hug. Sit down at its roots and just breathe for a few minutes.

SIMPLE SECRETS Many people don’t think about doing some of their mundane, monthly activities in sync with the moon and her cycling, but there are some seriously excellent outcomes from flowing with the moon. Besides the obvious (menstrual cycles, tides and gardening) you might be interested to find that there are good, bad and neutrals days for everything. Here are some upcoming best and worst days for some personal grooming in the month of February 2021:

Best Days for Hair cut: February 7,8,9
Best Days for Hair Color: 1,2,3,4,28
Best days for Nail Care: February 18,19
Best days for Dentistry: February 12,13,20,21
Best days for Medical Procedures: February 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18.19.20,21
Worst day for Medical Procedures: February 23
Worst days for Dentistry: February 1,2,28
Worst Days for Hair Cut: February 14,15,23,24

*My friend has the most gorgeous red hair, and one day she was very confused when the color she had just had done was washing away in the shower. “Why would that happen?” she asked. When I asked her the date of her appointment, we found out it was just before the New Moon in Scorpio, when it was time to “take out” rather than add in. Her hair just didn’t want anything watery added to it at that phase of the moon!*

Try planning something on a “good” day! Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear about your success. If you’ve had experience with a bad day, tell me too, I’d love to give corrective advice to improve any failures! Want to know more, take a look at this site Got Questions? Give me a shout, I’m happy to answer any question you have. If I have read your chart before, I will include a more personalized answer. If I haven’t read for you, feel free to book a free 15 minute appointment here: if you’d like to know more about what I can tell you about your Astrological Blueprint and your Physique. You can reach me in all sorts of ways, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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✨💋- Jennifer

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” -OSCAR WILDE




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Continental Gin Open Studios 2017

Open Studios at the Gin
52 artists have opened their studios to the public, come see me and Carroll Swenson-Roberts in 2c2…the one with the castle door! Can’t wait to see you.💕 3309 Elm, 75226
Thursday 6-9p
Friday 6-10p
Saturday 2-8p

Looking for something uplifting and beautiful to do this weekend? The Fall 2017 Open Studios at the Gin fits the bill! Join myself, and 52 other Artists as we open our workspaces to the public to show the lives of working Artists. My work features gemstone based artwork that enhance your surroundings in jewelry, wardrobe and home and garden items. Everything I do is designed with an intention to enhance personal Authenticity, come see which pieces you gravitate to and I will explain the guiding principles used in their creation. Come on down to studio 2C2, I can’t wait to see you!





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Make Old New Again…Adapt Your Jewelry Wardrobe!

Are you bored of the same old jewelry in your drawer, but you don’t want to spend any money on something new? Then it’s time to make the old new again!

If you are like me, you have plenty of jewelry you’ve collected over the years and it all has some kind of sentimental value. Trinkets from boyfriends, talismans from traveling and gifts from family and friends all bring back great memories (hopefully…or get rid of it, but that’s another blog…). Because there’s an emotional attachment to each piece you’ve retained, it makes them hard to get rid of, but never the piece your reach for to wear in the present.

The key to making something fresh is always to 1. Step away from what you “know” it to be, and 2. Decide the form it will take in the present. Employing the Guiding Principles of De-Centering and the Decision Method aids in the process. De-centering from the known allows new solutions and uses to emerge by looking at the situation from an outside perspective. The Decision Method determines what to do with the form, by determining whether to Accept, Adapt, Alter or Avoid.

For example, I have this fabulous charm bracelet I collected charms for back in my high school and college years. Each charm represents some juicy experience that I remember each time I see the bracelet, and it holds a real market value because it’s made from 14kt gold charms. However, it’s 2017…I haven’t seen a charm bracelet on anyones arm for over 15 years. What’s a girl to do with this type of jewelry?

De-centering, I looked at the charm bracelet, felt it run through my hands, placed it up against my shirt and looked in the mirror as an observer. I liked seeing all the charms at the same time on “that girl” as a necklace. Decision Method wise I was sure I wanted to keep it as is, therefore I would Adapt it into a new incarnation. I laid it out on my design table alongside a graduated tourmaline necklace and Voila! I simply clasped them together to make a larger necklace and loved the look of the “new” piece of jewelry I created!

This is just one example of how to Adapt jewelry you already own into something fresh and wearable in the present. I’ll be talking about many more ways to use the Decision Method to evaluate items in your wardrobe in future blog posts, but I’d love to hear from you! Email me at jennifer@stoneangelstudios with questions about what to do with specific pieces or solutions you’ve used for specific items you want to repurpose.
Authentically yours,



Make old new again by Adapting two pieces to make a new one!




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My Healthy House has Begun!


Looking back at this blog, I realize it has been a year and a half since that first post! So much has happened that I have not blogged about! But I will, soon!

There were issues with builders, local building codes, roads, neighbor communications, and more. Healthy building materials were being explored and finalized, and Feng shui worked through.

But the BIG NEWS today is that this is NOW REALLY STARTED!

We have decisions on infrastructure, and preliminary permit approvals, and contractors, and final plans.

And this weekend, we actually staked out the house!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

I go visit the site and I instantly feel healthier and energized in the clean Colorado air.

I am so looking forward to sharing this all of you!



Groundbreaking at Highland Rock! Healthy House in progress! Tom Van Horn and Dan Dodds my trusted builders at arms have helped get all the contractors up to snuff on the healthy house procedures! So fortunate to be able to work with all the amazing people on this project




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Colorado Christmas Bazaar & Jewelry Sale Larkspur

12.3.16 | Colorado Christmas Bazaar & Jewelry Sale

Colorado Christmas Bazaar & Jewelry Sale Larkspur
Colorado Christmas Bazaar & Jewelry Sale
Saturday, December 3 at 9 AM – 4 PM MST

Perry Park Country Club
7047 Perry Park Blvd, Larkspur, Colorado 80118

Join Jennifer Kaufman and Stone Angel Studios in Larkspur, Colorado on Saturday, December 3rd, at the 2016 Christmas Bazaar and Jewelry Sale! The event is hosted by teh Perry Park Country Club and the public is invited. We will be selling modestly priced, small jewelry items from our past collections. It will be a great opportunity for affordable and elegant gift-buying for the holiday season. We will be filling our (carry-on!) suitcase with small silver and semi-precious jewelry items like earrings, loops, drops, necklaces and pendants and more! We hope to see you there!




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Jewelry & Gem Pop Up Shop Trunk Show

12.16.16 | December Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop (Trunk Show)

Jewelry & Gem Pop Up Shop Trunk Show
December Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop (Trunk Show)
Friday, December 16 at 1 PM – 9 PM

New Life Hardwoods
915 Slocum St, Dallas, Texas 75207

Please join Stone Angel Studios and Jennifer Kaufman for our Winter 2016 Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop Trunk Show. Jennifer will be launching her newest lines of fine jewelry and exquisite desktop sculpture accessories. Hosted at New Life Hardwoods in the Design District near Downtown Dallas and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. It will be an evening of beauty, enchantment, adornment, camaraderie and joy. Also on exhibit will be paintings by local artist Linda Doutre. Hors d’oevres and wine. Wine by Off The Vine Wines of Carrollton, candles by B’s Knees Fragrance Co. and cookies by Cade’s Cakes.

All are also invited to our December Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop (Cocktail Preview) on Thursday, December 15 at 5 PM – 9 PM.




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Pop-Up Jewelry Trunk Show (Cocktail Preview) Dallas

12.15.16 | December Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop (Cocktail Preview)

Pop-Up Jewelry Trunk Show (Cocktail Preview) Dallas
December Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop (Cocktail Preview)
Thursday, December 15 at 5 PM – 9 PM

New Life Hardwoods
915 Slocum St, Dallas, Texas 75207

Please join Stone Angel Studios and Jennifer Kaufman for our Winter 2016 Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop Cocktail Preview. Jennifer will be launching her newest lines of fine jewelry and exquisite desktop sculpture accessories. Hosted at New Life Hardwoods in the Design District near Downtown Dallas and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. It will be an evening of beauty, enchantment, adornment, camaraderie and joy. Also on exhibit will be paintings by local artist Linda Doutre. Hors d’oevres and wine. Wine by Off The Vine Wines of Carrollton, candles by B’s Knees Fragrance Co. and sweets by Cade’s Cakes.

All are also invited to our December Jewelry and Gems Pop-Up Shop (Trunk Show) on Friday, December 16 at 1 PM – 9 PM.




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Building Highland Rock – Building My Healthy Dream House

Sometimes, in order for clarity to occur, you have to hit rock bottom. When I found myself in a position where the only direction to look was up, it triggered a change in perspective on how I wanted to live my life. Chronic health issues in my body, feeling confined by my circumstances in my mind and not participating in the things my spirit wanted to be doing made me exhausted in about every way. Thankfully, the consequences of being an eternal optimist led me to determine just what I needed to do to make my mind body and spirit happy. After much soul searching, deliberation with my husband and family and, well, clarity….I headed to Colorado to find where I could build my dream “Healthy House”.


View of Colorado mountains - Building a Healthy Dream House - Larkspur, Colorado

The view from what will be my living room at Highland Rock – Building a Healthy Dream House in Larkspur, Colorado

Backing up a bit, in desperation, I told my husband I needed a lifestyle change that included a home that was cool, quiet and private with as little toxic chemicals and building product off-gassing as possible. I needed to find a homestead in a climate that offered air and space and cooler summers than our Dallas home offered, so I booked an exploratory trip to Colorado. When I left my husband at the airport, he reminded me how much he liked the golf course at Perry Park Country Club. With that directive, I drove around the area in Perry Park first thing and found several places that were intriguing, leading me to the realtor that showed me the listing that was so fabulous I thought I was in an alternate reality.


Standing upon the top of one of the most beautiful vistas I’ve ever seen, I contemplated living my life from the perspective from which I was looking. Wide open, stunningly beautiful, protected and yet completely unlimited seemed like a fabulous place to base my new, healthy lifestyle and home. I could imagine coffee on the patio in the mornings, making art all day and then enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset in the evenings. The life I wanted was right there in front of me in my imagination, all I had to do was make it reality.


Within 2 days I placed an offer on the land that was accepted, and I met the trio for whom I felt instant trust and respect: Father-son architects Kent and Trevor Border and homebuilder, Dave Osborne.  On-site we immediately started plans for my healthy retreat in the woods. Back home the activity that followed our land purchase could only be described as amusing. My husband and children hadn’t seen the land in person and after looking at many pictures agreed that “the property” was beautiful, but it really needed a name. We bandied about names that we liked both seriously and comedically (think Casterly Rock and Mustang Point) and landed upon one that made total sense. We live in Highland Park, TX and we our children have grown up, attended high school and we’ve all made such great friends here that we wanted to connect the two homes we would live in. It was a unanimous vote to name our rocky, rugged landscape in Colorado…….. Highland Rock.





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How-to Cleaning Jewlery Diamond Ring Tips

6 Tips for Cleaning Off Life’s Residues

My web designer gave me a pop quiz when he first started working with me. “What are the key words that might pull up the most relevant pictures of engagement rings?” he asked. I came up with three or four words, but didn’t even come close to the winning adjective. “MY engagement ring” he said, and showed me how many people take pictures and post them with that heading of the ring they want, or the one they received.

How-to Cleaning Jewlery Diamond Ring Tips

The pride and pleasure of ownership that accompany that ring should last as long as the stones themselves. For most people, their engagement ring is the most expensive piece of jewelry they have in their wardrobe. But what do you think happens to that ring after a few years? It gets to live your life with you. It does dishes, and hair and diapers. Paints the bedroom, gets the teaspoon out of the disposal and cleans the lint out of the dryer filter. Before you know it, the ring is all gooped up with hairspray, lotions and residue and you forget how nice and shiny it used to look.

Don’t be misled, there are many things in life that start out shiny and nice, but wear and tear makes them dull and disinteresting. The point is to be aware of what we find important and keep it up to the best of our ability. Whether it’s a wedding ring or the polish on your fingernails, spend the time to make the most of what you have, right now.

I have a friend who cleans her rings every time she wears them, because she is aware of how good it makes her feel when they reflect the lights everywhere she goes. She pays attention to what she finds valuable and gives quality care equal to their worth.

Never forget that it’s still a diamond underneath it all. Take a look at your own ring and notice if you’ve let life’s grittiness cover up your shine. Shake it off. Do what it takes to get back down to that original stone and don’t be afraid to sparkle.

What You Need
Soft cloths (old t-shirts are great for this), a soft bristled toothbrush (used are fine, just run them through the dishwasher before use!), small glass bowls or glass jars, and some household products like : alka-seltzer, ammonia, baking soda, beer, ivory soap, white vinegar, aluminum foil and powdered laundry detergent.


For your hard clear stones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, topaz and quartz) try:
1. Anti-acid tablets (like Alka-Seltzer) to clean your stones. The effervescence of the solution will make your stones sparkle in a jiffy.
2. Ammonia and H2O. ½ cup of ammonia to 1 cup warm water, soak your jewelry for 10 minutes, rinse with cold water. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to get into any hard to reach surfaces. Gently wipe off with a soft cloth. Consider keeping a small glass dish filled with ammonia and water next to your kitchen sink and drop your diamond into it while you are washing the dishes. When you are done, your ring will be too


For Opaque stones that are porous (pearl, turquoise, coral, other minerals):
1. Ivory Soap and water. Mix 1 Tablespoon of Ivory soap into a cup of warm water. Let jewelry soak for 5 minutes and rinse with cool water. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to gently clean out any crevices that might need to be cleaned out.

To clean your metal jewelry:
1. Beer! Pour some light lager (not dark ale) onto a soft cloth and rub the beer over the piece.
Rinse off with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
2. Baking Soda and water. Mix ¼ cup Baking Soda with 2 Tablespoons of water and make a paste. Apply to your metal pieces, buff gently with a soft cloth and then clean piece in white vinegar. Rinse in cold water and dry with a soft cloth.
3. Aluminum foil and powdered laundry detergent. Line a glass bowl with foil and fill with hot water and 1 Tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent. Soak piece for 1 minute and rinse with warm water. Let air dry and then buff gently with a clean soft cloth.




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Homecoming, the First Dance the Second Time

Two years ago our son went to his first Homecoming dance. Eye opening, because in Texas, it’s not just a dance, it’s an experience. The night isn’t complete without the right outfit, group pictures, chauffeured transportation, dinner, the dance and the real destination…. A fabulous after party.

I still remember how difficult it was to keep my jaw from hanging open in awe when I first saw the group of 14 year old girls, my son and his friends were taking. Typically, these ladies don a t-shirt three sizes too large, shorts you can’t see and plain old sneakers. That night, they were all clad in body hugging dresses that were shorter than anything I have ever worn, 4” heels and more makeup than I wore to my Senior Prom. I put myself in my son’s shoes, and imagined how tough it would be to be a teenaged boy in this town, especially dance night.

After three girls teetered and fell on their newly acquired stilts, I vowed then and there that MY daughter would never dress like that when she went to her first Homecoming dance. Two girls in the group had lower heels and flowing skirts. I snapped a photo on my iPhone and went straight home to show my daughter what she would be allowed to wear in her future.

At 11 ½, she was on-board with the preferred dress code. To my pleasure, she remained so until about a month away from her own first formal dance at the high school. Peer influence and immediate feedback on social media made flowing skirts and shorter heels leave the shopping cart only to be replaced with tighter, shorter garments.

Homecoming-dance-dress-blog-webPreparing a girl for her first Homecoming dance was a new experience. Finding that middle ground where we could both happy seemed futile. She wants a spray tan, but I am adamantly opposed because of all the chemicals. She wants a mini skirt, I want fingertip length. She wants shoes with 4” heels, I want 2” so she can actually walk in them.

It occurs to me on Sunday morning after, as I pick the discarded dress up off the floor from its brief foray into nightlife, that we compromised where we could. She chose a body-con dress with a peplum and tighter skirt. We found an organic natural spray-tan formula and I got to do her hair at home. She actually let me make her jewelry, and she liked it.

Well after noon, my freshly awakened 14 year old emerges from her bedroom. Clutching her phone, she immediately requests to see my pictures, demanding I email her favorites to put on Instagram. I smile, say good morning and give her a big hug. “Have fun?” I ask? A with sleepy nod and a yawn she answers casually “Yes, but I was a little uncomfortable with the skirt. Next time, I won’t get one so tight.”

I hide my smile and hope next time….we can eliminate the spray tan too.




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