Building Highland Rock – My Healthy Home

Welcome to my journey building Highland Rock.

Highland Rock is the no-VOC, healthy home I am building in the mountains of Colorado.

Highland Rock is my escape and respite from the stress and toxins of city life.

Sometimes, in order for clarity to occur, you have to hit rock bottom. When I found myself in a position where the only direction to look was up, it triggered a change in perspective on how I wanted to live my life. Chronic health issues in my body, feeling confined by my circumstances in my mind and not participating in the things my spirit wanted to be doing made me exhausted in about every way. Thankfully, the consequences of being an eternal optimist led me to determine just what I needed to do to make my mind body and spirit happy. After much soul searching, deliberation with my husband and family and, well, clarity….I headed to Colorado to find where I could build my dream “Healthy House”.

I am documenting the entire journey here on the blog.

View of Colorado mountains - Building a Healthy Dream House - Larkspur, Colorado

The view from what will be my living room at Highland Rock – Building a Healthy Dream House in Larkspur, Colorado




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