Eco-Conscious Jewelry

I strive to be an eco-conscious human who creates eco-conscious jewelry. I live that way, and true to my Authenticity Philosophy, my work, an extension of me, is performed with the same standards. But what exactly does it mean to be eco-conscious?

To practice eco-conscious means that you pay attention to what you are supporting in the industry. I aspire to use sustainable, eco-friendly, healthy, beautiful and conflict-free materials. Sustainable items are ones that extracting them maintains a condition without harming the environment. Eco-friendly means you do not use materials that are harmful to the environment. Healthy products promote complete physical, social and mental well being. Beautiful items being ones that please the mind and senses aesthetically. Conflict-free items are not harmful to humanity.

Sadly, much of the history of jewelry and gemstones is ugly and profane. It’s horrible that what ultimately becomes such exquisite and beautiful objects and creations should be tainted by the processes that extracted them from nature. The processes that are often times destructive to the environment and human kind must be avoided and re-structured, and I make my individual impact by choosing my products appropriately.

I cannot undo history, but I strive to create ethical, eco-conscious jewelry, wardrobe and interior design through the purchase of ethically and environmentally friendly sourced materials and collaborating artisans. I re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle and re-design existing precious metals and gemstones and jewelry pieces. Second, it means always attempting to buy materials from ethical, vetted sources. It means investigating and adopting environmentally-friendly jewelry-making techniques.

Creating Eco-conscious jewelry is a work in progress. Awareness, education and action are necessary to promote eco-conscious living. I hope you will join me on my quest to make the world more beautiful, one piece of jewelry at a time.




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