It’s Elemental, My Dears

Sitting at a table filled with fall hydrangeas and rose bouquets, listening to a waterfall splash into a pool in the background I find myself surrounded by beautiful women. It is the weekly Football Mom’s lunch for the high school, everyone sporting jerseys, buttons and school colors in support of the team for that night’s game in West Mesquite. I listen to the Senior’s Moms talking about becoming Empty Nesters, others about the fear of injury and many about the exciting possibility of the playoffs when district play is over. I can feel the energy of the people I am with, like a vibration. Some are higher and faster, some are lower and deeper, all of them coming together to make a single harmonious sound.

Earlier in life, I kept my mouth shut when I was in large groups of people. Now, I find myself interjecting small comments that turn thoughts in one direction or another because I understand the casual nature of doing so. I realize that when I occasionally speak of the 5 Essential Elements, I either get immediate interest or dismissal from whoever I am sitting with. When there is interest, I explain that the qualities these elements possess are present everywhere, in everything. There are distinct characteristics in each element that you can associate with any person.

The five Elements and their qualities are:

Element Qualities
Space Expansive, Dry Light
Air Thin, Dry, Moving , Cold and Rough
Fire Hot, Slightly oily, Penetrating, Sharp and Light
Water Moist, Fluid, Adjustable, Soft, Heavy
Earth Heavy, Oily, Dense, Cold and Moist

When these qualities are applied to a person they are sometimes perceived as good or bad, but that is just personal judgment. Learning what they are and how they work together can help create the balance we all need.

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Long blonde straight hair, ready facial expressions and many hand movements accompany the tall, slender woman across from me. She speaks and it becomes clear that she touches upon a subject in her mind as quickly as a hummingbird eats from one flower to the next, never giving the mind time to go down any one track in order to create a peaceful future. When I speak to her in Elemental terms about the Air and Space in her body and mind, she looks at me as if I have said something intriguing. I explain the 5 Elements and which ones she displays and tell her how to basically balance those out with other ones and she is captured, just for a moment, but long enough to give her mind a path to travel that leads somewhere safe and comfortable.




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