About Stone Angel Studios 2015

Stone Angel Studios is the result of my personal aspirations as an Artist and Authenticity Consultant to make everything surrounding me beautiful, stylish, balanced and harmonious. I am very clear that it is my purpose in life to nourish others with their own type of beauty, and so I have created three types of offerings that will make your embodied surroundings authentically beautiful In, On and Around you.

There are many different doors through which you can enter the world of Stone Angel Studios. Come on in, my doors are open to everyone.

Stone Angel Jewelry Enter through this bejeweled door and find yourself in my treasure vault of my favorite creations from precious and semi-precious metals and gemstones. Designed to be heirloom quality with signature style, I make only made-to order and custom pieces that are beneficial to the wearer, and as beneficial to Mother Nature as I can aquire. As with the rest of my work, my purchases of metals, stones and the craftsman I collaborate with observe eco-friendly processes to honor the environment during the creation of your jewelry.

Stone Angel Wardrobe Enter through the door of personal wardrobe and lifestyle consulting and education. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I teach and provide the Arts that help you present yourself as you want to be seen. The Northstar Consultation is the ultimate way to establish your Authentic Foundation, and the best way to Find Thyself. I recommend that everyone has this consultation as it is the basis of being solidly at home with yourself.

Stone Angel Home and Garden Enter into the place that surroundings matter in your home environment. Treat yourself to a Surroundings Consultation, or choose to create one-of-a-kind custom home furniture and accessory creations that are perfectly suited for you. As an eco-conscious designer, I recommend healthy, sustainable, beautiful products to place in your environment. I will always make the recommendations that make the least negative impact on your health, and the environment.




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