Color Wellness System

Color Wellness is my system to help you live the balanced, fulfilled and individual lifestyle for which you are searching. We will identify the ‘unique you’ based on the 20 basic qualities that exist in all people. We determine your qualities combination, which is used to make up your Personal Profile, Personal Palette and Personal Perspective. We help you learn what works for you, what doesn’t, and how to balance any situation with your own set of tools.

Personal Profile: Your body profile is a unique combination of qualities displayed in the 6 basic body type models. Learn how both your genetic make-up and lifestyle choices affect your physical body, which in turn affects your mental and spiritual life.

Personal Palette: Your personal palette represents the most essential colors that reflect your body, mind and spirit. Learn to recognize and use the colors that flatter your skin tone, enhance your sense of self and make you feel complete.

Personal Perspective: Combining the knowledge acquired when developing your Personal Profile and Personal Palette you create your definitive look and means of interacting with the world.

Look/Learn/Live: Look at yourself with fresh unbiased eyes. Learn who you are and what works best for you. Live your best life, regardless of what others are doing.




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