The Art of Authenticity Consultations

It is incredibly important that the time place and date of birth be correct in order to accurately use my System. DO NOT GUESS! Your Authentic Template cannot definitively be developed from an Invisible Perspective without real and certain data.

If you do not know your exact time, place and date of birth, here are a few ways that WikiHow recommends to go about finding it:

1. Ask your parents and other people present at your birth. Your parents might remember when you were born, or direct you to other family members or friends who were there when you were born. They may also have a copy of your birth certificate.
◦ If your parents have any “family history” boxed away, look through it for old diaries, family bibles, and family newsletters around the time of your birth.
2. Know your country’s birth certificate policies. Not all countries record the time of birth on birth certificates. Look up the policies of the country you were born in with an online search. In some countries, you may need to know a few more details:
◦ In the United States, the birth time is only recorded in the “long form” birth certificate, also called the “full” version. This information is often missing on certificates from before the 1930s, or from cities with fewer than 100,000 people.[1]
◦ In the United Kingdom, times of birth are only recorded for multiple births (twins etc.), or in some Scottish hospitals.[2]
◦ Many Western European countries record birth times, but there are no official birth time records for
Australia, Canada, Ireland, or India.[3]
3. Request a birth certificate with birth time from the government. If you don’t have a copy of your birth certificate, you can usually request a copy from the health department or vital records office associated with the county, province, or state where you were born. You may need to provide multiple forms of identification, and/or pay a fee. Always mention that you are specifically looking for a record of your birth time. Start your quest with one of the following links, matching the country of your birth:
◦ Australia
◦ Canada
◦ England or Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
◦ The United States, or see here for more information on requirements.

4. Ask the hospital for records. As a last resort, you can try checking the records department of the hospital in which you were born. Contact the hospital through phone, email, or an in-person visit, and ask to see any records which may have the time of your birth recorded. You may need to provide one or more forms of identification.
IF you cannot find your birth time though any of these options, I recommend a consultation with an Astrologer who does star chart rectifications. They will lead you on a journey through your life and ask questions to construct a timeline of occurrences that would lead backwards into a time of birth based upon your information as well as the archetypal information the stars provide.

Ready to Find, Know and Be Thyself? Click Here to choose which door you’d like to enter: “Enter to Learn, Leave Transformed” (angel on each door-Telluric Angel pointing down for the Physical door, Cosmic angel pointing up for the Philosophical door.

Have these two consultations and you will have the info you need to make the choices that lead to an Authentic Life. Practicing these choices daily is what makes them ingrained in your neural network to become the balanced mind/ body/emotional being your were born to be.

Authenticity Perspective Consultation Level 1: Northstar pattern merged with
Body Type.
The Invisible Perspective: Northstar Pattern Consultation
Needs: (see Astro info if you can’t find it)
Time of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth:
The Visible Perspective: Elemental Constitution Consultation
Full body picture with body shape visible.
Eye Color:
Hair color( natural):

What you get out of this consultation is the first level of awareness about your Authentic Perspective. I will identify what lens you view the world, your Northstar Pattern which is your fixed guiding pattern for beginning to completion, the perspective from which you think and feel and your dominant elements astrologically as well as physically. We will also classify your physical shape into a Body Type that will include beneficial color pallettes, movements and proportions for your body. You’ll also receive the Guiding Principles and the
Decision Method.

Authenticity Perspective Level 2 (you must have completed level 1 to receive this consultation)
Individual Astrological inputs and Individual Color Palette, Movement and Proportion Ideals report On, in around recs
Both as a package:$480
Add Additional Consults: price tbd
-12 areas of life consult (grading all 12, starting with the lowest grade and making recommendations for all 12, homework for all)
-wardrobe consult/closet revamp
-hair and makeup consult (recs for color cut and cosmetics)
-jewelry wardrobe or parure construction/organization/valuation/purchase rec’s
-accessories wardrobe construction/org/valuation/purchase rec’s
-Home consultation
-exercise/physical analysis

Blank Slate Consultation: all three as a package with personal and in depth attainments with Jennifer identifying Ideal Surroundings Template, Follow Through and Attainment with Jennifer including Astrocartography, wardrobe, hair, makeup, closet, accessories and jewelry wardrobe, 12 areas of life assimilation with these tangible items, a before and after photoshoot and a printed personal book of all of your Authentic Perspective.
Takes 2 weeks (14 days-lodging and travel not included **see how I travel) *see how I work
$26,000 for my work
All goods purchased additionally (clothing, home goods etc) at my cost (i get substantial discounts as well)
Extra hours at $150/hr
Extras:a personal talisman/logo constructed for personal power.



One on One with Jennifer

An additional note about Jennifer:
Although she can connect with a a person’s vibration with any contact, when meeting with a client Jennifer’s connection is strongest in person, video/phone presence second in strength and photo/chart reading is the lightest connection.

*In person work: As an environmental and chemically sensitive individual , it’s important that Jennifer works on-site in places that are free from chemicals (including perfumes and cleaning products), smoke and mold/mildew substances. If any of these are present in your home environment and cannot be removed for the consultation, please set up a phone or video consultation.

**Travel: Airline and hotel accommodations are not included in the consultation costs. If Jennifer is traveling to an on-site location not in her local vicinity, she requires accommodations that are chemically and electrically mitigated. Please make sure you discuss travel and accommodations when booking your on-site consultation.




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