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Hello there! My name is Jennifer Kaufman and I am a Life Coach with Style. Using my skills as an Astrologer and Artist I help you be your Authentic Self and live your most fulfilling and satisfying life!

I explain the Invisible and Visible aspects of your Authentic Blueprint and show you how to put them together to walk through life YOUR way. Learn how you’re special and unique.

My soul purpose on this planet is to nurture and nourish others with beauty. I am dedicated to providing you with what it takes to really get to know yourself and create the transformation it takes to live Authentically on, in and around yourself.

Want to Lose 20 lbs in 5 seconds?!

It's all about Proportion,

and styling to fit and flatter.

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It’s always the right time to begin to Find the Life You’re Looking For. If you don’t wake up every morning excited by your daily activities, it’s time to look for what really works for you by looking into your Astrological Blueprint and your Physique.

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Podcasts with Jennifer

Listen to Jennifer speak with some amazing podcast creators about health, happiness and transformation.


Learn to activate the Artist within…


Transform your WHOLE life.


Get back to Nature:

Your own and in your Surroundings

“Find the Life You’re Looking For ~ On, In and Around You”







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