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Jennifer Kaufman

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Hello there, lovelies! My name is Jennifer Kaufman and my soul purpose on this planet is to nourish others. I am dedicated to providing you with what it takes to really get to know yourself and create comfort on, in and around your physical body. It’s hard to feel out of place when you are always aware of what makes you comfortable. My own trials and tribulations seeking comfort resulted in a lifetime of experience that taught me about what I need, as well as how it differed from what those around me need to feel nourished. As a result, I know how, and have a great desire, to provide everyone the feeling and means of accessing a sustainable state of being absolutely, uncompromisingly comfortable…with yourself AND your surroundings.

My career path is a unique combination of Astrologer, Artist and Sensitive. As a Taurus sun sign, Libra rising, Gemini moon astro makeup, I have a bent for all things comfortable, natural, and beautiful, as well as a desire to express myself. I am a multi-media Artist working with gemstones and precious metals in jewelry and sculpture as well as a practicing designer in clothing, accessories and Healthy Home design. Born with a Synesthesia that causes me to See/Feel color and vibration, I have heightened awareness of everything in my environment (on, in and around). A gift for sure, and one that comes with its equal share of challenges. It is both my gifts AND challenges that have made me who I am today, and what allow me to be an expert in the Art of Comfort.

I believe that we as humans, here on Earth, in individual physical bodies, are a holistic combination of mind, body and emotions. When in balance, experiences in mind, body or emotion effect the flow between them and cause you to thrive, and when imbalanced they cause dis-ease. The feeling and state of Comfort can create elevated emotions, which promotes both optimistic thoughts and a relaxed body, and vice versa. You can think about Hoo-Ga, feel its applications on your physical body, and feel it in your emotions and it has the potential to balance all three in one fell swoop.

I lived in a state of dis-ease for a long time. After a lot of personal work on my mind, body and emotions, I created a comfortable life inclusive of a sense of ease and grace that I so greatly needed around myself and my family. I am not only the Art of Comfort creator, I am an hourly, daily, lifetime practitioner of Hoo-Ga.

I look forward to guiding you to apply the Art of Comfort in your life. Come on in and make yourself comfortable, you’re part of my family now.


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