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Jennifer Kaufman

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Jennifer Kaufman is an Artist, Astrologer and Sensitive, whose goal is to use her gifts and skills to guide women to connect with their Authentic Vibration. She created Stone Angel Studios as a place of learning that women can enter at any time, from anywhere, to get the guidance to Find Thyself, Know Thyself and Be Thyself and experience the magic that utilizing your Authentic Vibration brings to life. She has the info, both seen and unseen, known and unknown to guide you, like a guardian Angel, to create your own reality and put your newfound information into the practice of living.
People who are intrigued by Jennifer’s work are people who want MORE out of life. They’re aware of mind, body and emotions but not necessarily how they work together to create a unique vibration. They are interested in finding out about how the subtle, unseen vibrations of color, movement and proportion make a direct impact on the Matter in their surroundings, and how by making informed choices, their whole lives can be impacted.
If you’re a person, or group interested in making immediate changes in the tangible matter of your immediate surroundings, on, in and around you, Jennifer’s work can give you the hidden edge you’ve been looking for. Your template for Authentic Vibration has a direct impact on mind body and emotions,. . that there’s MORE out there to experience, but don’t know exactly which direction to begin.
Also, individuals who are interested in beauty and fashion but don’t know how to put it all together into an Authentic package. Jennifer can teach you how with wardrobe, jewelry and accessories you can eliminate the misconceptions that come from presenting yourself to the world in one way on the outside and feeling like a different person on the inside.
Jennifer became Environmentally, Chemically and Electrically Sensitive after getting hit by lightning in college. She also was born with a synesthesia (crossing of synapses in the brain) that gives her an intuitive combined sense to “see-feel” vibrations. Color, movement and proportion are very strongly sensed by Jennifer and it gives her an edge to sensing how the vibrating Matter in any surroundings effects people, places and things.
She has a BA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, 22 years experience as a jewelry designer, a practicing Intuitive Astrologer, Songaia Sound Voice Analyst and is an avid student of the sciences of Light, Color and Sound and their impact on the human body.
*NOTE: The work that Jennifer does is non-judgemental, your Authentic Vibration is yours, and yours alone… no matter if your sound and colors are mainstream or abstract. All lifeforms can benefit from this work to Find, Know and Be Themselves regardless of culture, race, creed or gender.
Find Jennifer’s work and social media presence:
IG @stoneangelstudios and @buildinghighlandrock
FB: Stone Angel Studios
Youtube: Stone Angel Studios by Jennifer Kaufman (email address is wrong)
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