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About Jennifer:

Jennifer Kaufman Jewelry Designer Texas Colorado

Jennifer Kaufman

Hello there! My name is Jennifer Kaufman and I am a Life Coach with Style. I use my skills as an Astrologer and an Artist to help you Find the Life You’re Looking For. My soul purpose on this planet is to nurture and nourish others through beauty. I am dedicated to providing you with what it takes to really get to know yourself and create the transformation it takes to live Authentically on, in and around yourself.

It’s hard to feel out of place when you are always aware of what makes you comfortable. My own trials and tribulations seeking comfort resulted in a lifetime of experience that taught me about my own Authenticity, as well as how it differed from what those around me. As a result, I know how, and have a great desire, to provide everyone the feeling and means of transformation for accessing a sustainable state of being absolutely, uncompromisingly comfortable…with yourself AND in your surroundings. By identifying your Astrological Blueprint and your Physique, I can teach you how to life a whole, Authentic Life.

My career path is a unique combination of Astrologer, Artist and Adviser. As a Taurus sun sign, Libra rising, Gemini moon astro makeup, I have a bent for all things comfortable, natural, and beautiful, as well as a desire to express myself. I am a multi-media Artist working with gemstones and precious metals in jewelry and sculpture as well as a practicing designer in clothing, accessories and Healthy Home design. Born with a Synesthesia that causes me to See/Feel color and vibration, and expanded additional sensitivities due to multiple surgeries, I have heightened awareness of everything (and everyone) in my environment. A gift for sure, and one that comes with its equal share of challenges. It is the receiving of both my gifts AND challenges that made me who I am today, and what gives me the ability to advise you on how to make those transformations in your own life.

Ready to be re-enchanted with yourself? Come Find the Life You’re Looking For with me!




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