About Stone Angel Studios

Stone Angel Studios exists to provide you with the necessities for the Art of Transformation into your Authentic Self. As a Life Coach, Astrologer and Artist I produce many products, from consultation reports to small sculptures, and I collaborate with many people to do it. Beautiful, eco-friendly and natural products that nourish and nurture are what I strive for. My diverse body of work needed to be exemplified under one umbrella and Stone Angel Studios, LLC was born.

We are an Eco-Friendly company. Our mission is to be as friendly to Mother Earth as possible, reusing, recycling and re-purposing when applicable, and making as small of a negative impact when using “new” materials. By consciously researching and choosing the most non-toxic, non-hazardous, no or low VOC materials to create whatever aspect of work we are doing, we feel good about producing whatever it takes to spread the Art of Transformation.

We are a Natural company. We choose all of the materials we work with as close to it’s original form as possible. We choose Organic whenever possible. Gemstones, metals, wood, paint, ink, paper, fabric and foods are all chosen to be as natural as possible, including how they are mined or produced.

We are a Holistic company. We work hard to make sure all of our products and affiliates work well together, and have the same set of values that we do: providing beautiful, eco-friendly, natural solutions for the mind/body/emotional comfort of the individuals and groups with which we work. We are all a part of the Whole of Humanity.

We are a Supporter of the Arts and our fellow Artists. If you are an artist or craftsman who makes something I am showcasing or recommending, and you are in agreement with our eco-friendly, natural, holistic philosophy, then contact me at jennifer@stoneangelstudios.com . Send me some pics and a description of your work and I can add you to our resource lists. All for One, One for All.

We are a Neutral Company in that we believe that each and every individual or entity is unique and is comprised of its own authentic mind/body/emotional makeup. We can nourish you with the Art of Transformation, and work with you as an Artist or Client regardless of gender, race, sex, creed, culture, religion or political persuasion.
Be Thyself.




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