Authenticity Pattern Life Integration Program

Authenticity Pattern Life Integration Program: Putting it together..Authenticity runs when the sum of the Whole is greater than the parts…

The Authenticity Pattern Life Integration Program is a one year program that walks you through all 12 Areas of Life based upon information collected from your Physique and Astrological Blueprint Consultations. Beginning with the first House of Identity, we walk you through the progression around the circle that centers on the one and only, YOU.

Also called the 12 Areas of Life Wheel for Authentic Life Program we explore the complete wheel of life:

House 1: Identity & Beginnings
House 2: Value & Matter
House 3: Communication & Knowledge
House 4: Home & Family
House 5: Creativity & Art
House 6: Health, Duty & Routine
House 7: Partnership & Peace
House 8: Resources & Conflict
House 9: Wisdom & Learning
House 10: Career & Public Perception
House 11: Community & Social Justice
House 12: Synthesis & Endings

In addition to a 1 hour phone/Zoom call monthly, you will receive by mail a binder and two personal journals. The following will be provided for you to print out and place into your binder each month:

  • PDF explanation of the House of Focus and how it pertains to you, specifically.
  • Personalized printable Daily Motto
  • Activities Specific to the House of Focus
  • Journal Prompts for both journals
  • plus, a personalized Audio Meditation for the House of Focus.


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