Unveiling aspects of the Seen and the Unseen for use in the Art of Transformation


Physique Consultation: ($350) Impacting Matter here on Earth: Elemental 5 sense therapies for life.

Your Physique Consultation is designed to address both your general Physique as well as your physical attributes as an Authentic Individual. This unique consultation shows you what your best Color Palette, Shape and Movement, Proportion and Balance are on both a general and personal level.
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After you have completed a Color Wellness Consultation you are then able to schedule the following additional Consultations:


Virtual Closet Consultation: ($75/hour)
In this highly effective consultation, we will address the current state of your wardrobe and closet, and take it to a high level of impact. Together we will separate it into usable sections using the Decision Method, your Physique clothing guidelines, your Color Palettes and your Lifestyle requirements. When you’re done, you have an organized, curated closet as well as a defined list of what you’ll need to make it complete with future purchases.


Personal Shopping Excursions (virtual and in-person): ($75/hour)
Shop with Jennifer for the ideal outfit for a specific occasion, to acclimate to a seasonal wardrobe or to implement your 10 piece Physique wardrobe.


Make-up Consultation: ($75.00)
Receive pictorial guidelines for the ideal enhancements for your facial shape, skin type and tone and personal color palette. Recommendations are made for ideal skincare, foundation and color make-up applications, as well as eyebrow shape, highlighting and contouring information. Required: Full Face Photo with hair pulled back away from face (for best results take photos using instructions given here) Fill out Questionnaire about your present make-up habits.


Hair Cut and Color Consultation: ($50.00) Receive 3 ideal cut and color image recommendations based upon your Physique, Color Palettes, and Lifestyle requirements. Required: Full Face Photo with hair pulled back away from face (for best results please take photos using instructions given here), Fill out a Questionnaire about your present hair care regimen.


Astrological Blueprint Consultation: ($350) Identifying the Blueprint as a fixed place of guidance from above.

Your Astrological Blueprint Consultation is derived from the major Astrological highlights created from a snapshot of the heavens the moment you were born. Information of where the solar, lunar and planetary bodies were in the sky at the time of your birth gives me the ability to provide a Blueprint for “what might be” in your life. Following your Consultation you will have all the tools you need to know your Authentic Perspective and thereby to live all 12 Areas of Life to your fullest potential.
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Authenticity Pattern Life Integration Program: ($1800) Putting it together..Authenticity runs when the sum of the Whole is greater than the parts…

The Authentic Pattern Life Integration Program is a one year program that walks you through all 12 Areas of Life based upon information collected from your Physique and Astrological Blueprint Consultations. Beginning with the first House of Identity, we walk you through the progression around the circle that centers on the one and only, YOU.

In addition to a 1 hour phone/Zoom call monthly, you will receive by mail a binder and two personal journals.
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