Home and Garden

Enter into the place that surroundings matter in your home environment. Treat yourself to a Surroundings Consultation, or choose to create one-of-a-kind custom home furniture and accessory creations that are perfectly suited for you. As an eco-conscious designer, I recommend healthy, sustainable, beautiful products to place in your environment. I will always make the recommendations that make the least negative impact on your health, and the environment.

My version of interior design is a bit different than most designers. I work with the feel of both those who live in the home, and the home itself the home to create a whole living environment that is supportive to both people and purpose. I design so that you always feel at home everywhere in the house but are able to utilize specific rooms for specific for purposes, making the house most effective in supporting your needs. Eco-Conscious material choices make the home healthy and supportive as well.

An Authentic Surroundings consultation begins with an in-home consultation with the homeowners. After creating a design motto for the home, we create a game plan to refresh and restyle the house into your Home. I collaborate with contractors, companies and artisans who are familiar with my eco-conscious approach and who can make things happen quickly to transform your environment. Scope of the work determines price, call for a complimentary initial consultation. 214-695-6514




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