How To Live Your (Authentic) Life (plain-text) – April 2021



The etymology behind the word “April” comes from the verb “aperire,” which means “to open.” It’s commonly believed that the word refers to the season of trees and flowers begin to “open” or bloom. April Gemstone: Diamond Aries Gemstone: Diamond Taurus Gemstone: Emerald



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*April is a great month for viewing one of the oldest meteor showers, the Lyrids, which appears from April 16th to April 26th each year. The Lyrids, which is named after a constellation of shooting stars, will peak on the night of April 21, 2021, and in the early morning hours of April 22. There have been recorded observations of the Lyrids date back to 687 B.C. They will produce around 10 showers an hour. They are best seen on a clear night in the Northern Hemisphere.

*Which brings me to one of my passion projects. Has anyone heard of IDA? It’s the International Dark Sky Association which works to protect the night skies for present and future generations. I joined because when I lived in Dallas, I was often frustrated with my lack of ability to see the stars because of all of the ambient city lights. So, I joined the Texas IDA chapter to see if I could help make a difference. Before I could get too into it, I began to spend more time in Colorado, and ultimately joined their local chapter, because my ability to stargaze in my little corner of CO is quite the opposite! I find that I can not only see, but I can easily track the progression of the constellations moving through the sky. Some nights, I just lie back on my deck, soaking in the starlight and watching for shooting stars.

Thankfully in the past year, my little neighborhood became an approved Dark Sky Community, as have the surrounding Open Spaces managed by the County. But from my porch, I can see the lights in the distance to my left and right beaming up from the surrounding larger towns creating that dull glow that kills the night. I worry that the brightness will extend into my community. It may seem harmless to those who live in a crowded city and think that everything has to be well lit at all times to be safe…but light pollution has far reaching consequences that are harmful to all living things. Nocturnal animals are the most effected, but all living things, even we humans need darkness for our circadian rhythms to function well, so that we get deeply into the sleep that repairs us when we rest.

The good news is that there are ways to make places safe while preserving the night skies! Installing effective outdoor lighting reduces light pollution which leads to a better quality of life for all. It’s part of the Dark Sky movement to bring better lighting to communities around the world so ALL life can thrive!

Stargazers UNITE! If you’d like to find out more about IDA, and how you can help bring awareness about light pollution to your area, join us for International Dark Sky week 2021 this April 5-12! Sign up for the newsletters, and find a local chapter where YOU can get involved, if it strikes your fancy! And by fancy, I mean lit up on the inside, because no human ever caused light pollution from being happy and excited about something!

Speaking of fancy, I wrote my first impromptu poem this year when Aries began. While I do not consider myself a poet, I showed it to a friend and they suggested that I share it with you. So here goes….



I hid
until It got too hot

I threw the burning cloak off
And saw that it was I who was alight.

Flames licking high up onto the sky
I was sure someone would see me

Nothing covering me up or muting my light
I thought others would see

But if they saw, they walked past
Eyes cast down, unseeing, avoiding

It took a while for my fires to bank
Then remain hot coals in my core

As light beams out more calmly now
I feel more eyes upon me

Sensing speech, movement, thoughts and demeanor
Something shiny always reflects the light

And every now and then I can see the blaze of another
Who is lit on fire too

When I am high above my body, I can see many lights glimmering
spread out across the world, a shimmering

Could it be I am not alone?
There are others who burn like me?

Of course

This flame can light that of another, even if they aren’t looking.

I go about my business streaming embers
They will catch when they are ready.

Untethered from the energy of others
Flame people are lit from inside.

Unafraid of being seen, confident in our source
We burn so that we may light the way for others.

Shine on, bright one
There are others to be lit

-Jennifer Kaufman



April begins in the Zodiac sign of aAries and moves on into the sign of bTaurus on April 19th, where the energy shifts from the Archetype of the Warrior to that of the Lover. There are 4 quarters in the year, each with a beginning, middle and end that progress through a particular focus. In this series, we are focusing on the cycle of developing the quarter of Identity. Aries got us started and will continue firing us prominently into new beginnings in this years cycle of determining who we are (or we decide we want to be!) this year. There’s a shift into a more fixed actions as the sun moves into Taurus. The fixed stage is the stability in the middle of a cycle, and Taurus as the fixed Earth sign, it is the time to stabilize the matter, solidify the denser things that provide us with a sense of identity. For example: you want to update your wardrobe this year? Aries prods you to clean out your closet, Taurus helps you buy those new clothes. Gemini will be the completion by giving you the self esteem that allows you to think “I look fabulous” in order to begin the next quarter, which is Motivation. Journal Prompt: What “things” do I want to surround myself with that say to the world who I am without words ever spoken? *(tip-it is possible that you already HAVE these things…)

*At the New Moon we experience new beginnings, plant seeds and set intentions in our monthly cycle. This b New Moon in Aries on April 11th, we acknowledge that the fire has been lit from within, and asks us to look at new ways of bringing strength into our journey. Journal Prompt: What big idea lit a fire inside me this month? What kind of strength does it give me? *The a Full Moon is the culmination of what we have grown in the month. This a Full Moon in Scorpio allows us see how vulnerability can be sexy if you let go of controlling any resistance in this area. Journal Prompt: What do I intuitively know that I am resisting about sex, death, rebirth or regeneration? Where can I be open to going with the flow, instead of controlling every situation around these subjects?



It must be the Aries season talking, but I want to introduce you to another passion project of mine: Healthy Homes. After I had a conversation with the head of the Colorado IDA, I just sat still and enjoyed the feeling of being lit up inside by talking with like minded people about things that make the Earth a better place (for all). The thought occurred to me that I should feel like that about EVERYTHING that I do! As I looked around, I realized that my home, the building of it, the sharing of information with others about how to make their homes Healthy too, was something else that gave me that same feeling of pleasure. Many of you know that I built my own Healthy Home in Colorado after years of suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Electrical (EMF/EMR) Sensitivities, that caused a severe intolerance to heat. I researched, studied, designed and finally felt ready to build my own. Now, 3 years later, I live in a healthy, non-toxic and electrically “clean” environment in which I not only live, but thrive. Having lived “well” for over a year, I believe everyone should have easy access to the knowledge banks, and supply chains of how to do this for themselves. The positive effects of making healthier choices…from building materials to cleaning supplies can not only make healthier homes, families and people, but we can make a consumer impact that literally shifts industries. Definitely something I can get behind 100%. I wondered how I would be able to spread the word (beyond my documentation of the process on my instagram page (@buildinghighlandrock) of how to live in an ideal, healthy environment and I remembered that I used Paula Baker-Laporte of EcoNest as my Healthy Home Consultant during the building of my home, and I loved working with her! I contacted her to see how I could make a positive impact sharing the message of Healthy Home living, and she reminded me that she is an instructor at the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe, NM. The BBI has great courses, for those who want to learn, as well as resources and links to Healthy Home products and services. Now, in addition to the many other things I do everyday (artist, author, consultant, astrologer….) I find myself enrolled as a student in their BBNC (Building Biology New Construction) certification course, and will be a certified Building Biologist in a year! Since I am not new to the subject but still have lots to learn, I agreed to help them launch their new instagram page exemplifying what the Building Biology Institute offers the world. So, look for (and follow!) @buildingbiologyinstitute which I will launch for them the week of April 5th! I am looking forward to working with yet another fantastic group of like minded people.



People always ask me what the best way is to learn Astrology, and my answers differ to cater depending upon the learning style of the person who is asking. If you want to learn more about Astrology, but don’t know where to start, try these tools for different learning types.

*Don’t know your learning type? In your chart, it’s an intuitive combination of where the planet Mercury, the Sign of Gemini, and the ruler of the 3rd House for general learning (or the 9th House for higher learning) show up…LMK if you need help ascertaining YOUR style.

* These suggestions all differ greatly from one another. Give them a try to get a feel, taste or soundbite of what YOU gravitate towards.


For the Listeners: Podcasts

Some of my favorites to listen to are:

Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed

Astro Twins Radio

Bad Astrologers with Amelia Quint


For the Seers: Books and Media

Chani Nicolas You Were Born for This , the CHANI app on iTunes

Jan Spiller, website and many, MANY books on different subjects

Gaia TV Astrology 101

Stephanie Jourdan The Complete Idiot’s Guide Astrology Dictionary


For the Touchy-Feelers: Interactive Workbooks

Theresa Reed Astrology for Real Life A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro Curious)

The Magic of I yearly planner is SUPER in depth, but you can take as much info as you want, and refer to it as you learn more.


It’s good to note that an extraordinary amount of Astrology modalities exist and are practiced. For example: I am an Esoteric Astrologer, using a Placidus chart structure. Many of those listed above use different methods, chart structures and are educated in specific ways that do not always jive with someone else’s interpretations. ALL Astrology readings are intuitive, so you basically want to take into consideration the person doing the reading/writing or talking, and factor that into your understanding. Find the ones who say things that make sense to YOU, and the best way to do that is by listening, watching, reading and practicing. You will learn through all of this and develop your own personal way of interpreting Astrological charts.






Best Days for Hair cut: April 20,21,22,23

Best Days for Hair Color: April 12,13,14,15,16,24,25

Best days for Nail Care: April 3,4,30

Best days for Dentistry: April 5,6

Best days for Medical Procedures: April 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,27,28,29,30


Worst day for Medical Procedures: April 11

Worst days for Dentistry: April 12,13,14

Worst Days for Hair Cut: April 7,8,26


Try planning something on a “good” day! Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear about your success. If you’ve had experience with a bad day, tell me too, I’d love to give corrective advice to improve any failures! Want to know more, like when to detox, book a massage or garden take a look at this site



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*I don’t like going to the dentist, ever… but since I’ve started scheduling my regular cleanings on the “best” days for dental work, my appointments have been smooth and pain free!” ~Susan S


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