Enter through this bejeweled door and find yourself in my treasure vault of my favorite creations from precious and semi-precious metals and gemstones. Designed to be heirloom quality with signature style, I make only made-to-order and custom pieces that are beneficial to the wearer, and as beneficial to Mother Nature as I can acquire. As with the rest of my work, my purchases of metals, stones and the craftsman I collaborate with observe eco-friendly processes to honor the environment during the creation of your jewelry.

Part of my effort to be eco-conscious includes re-using and re-purposing existing jewelry for my clients. Whether you are evaluating how to make the family jewels more up to date and wearable, to redesigning that diamond earring you have left into a pendant for your daughter, I can take what you have now and make it beautiful. We can re-use some of your metals, your stones and incorporate new items to make old new again. Plus, I can make sure that what doesn’t get used gets properly recycled, resold or remade into something that has the least negative environmental impact.




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