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I am Jennifer Kaufman, multi-media artist and creator of Stone Angel Studios. I am a lover all things natural and beautiful, and I find joy when I combine color, movement and proportion to produce pretty things. I am a practicing jewelry designer with over 20 years of experience. That I have the pleasure of following my bliss, working with precious metals and gemstones on a daily basis, still puts me in awe.

Not only am I an artist, I am a researcher and life-long learner. I have an insatiable need to know the why’s and the how’s. I always need to understand all the details – artistic and mechanical – of whatever I create, to know if it all will “fit together” properly. From all of my research, I have developed an in-depth understanding in color theory, gemstones, design elements and divine proportion. Learning about all these different facets led me to create my very own Gem of Knowledge: An effective system (philosophy, even) of balance, color, proportion and movement I call Color Wellness. All of my work, in any medium, is pleasing to the eye because of this system – just like something born of nature.

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