Corporate Image and Styling Consulting

Your corporate identity needs to be as distinct as any individual’s. Our Corporate Consultation is specific to your business and takes into consideration every facet of your company. We will develop for your company a Profile, a Palette and a Perspective. What that means is:


Corporate Profile: Your profile is a unique combination of qualities displayed by the building, the rooms, the furnishings, the people and the brand. These all need to work together, because it will affect the quality of your workday, the success of your efforts and the feeling your clients and potential clients have about your business.

Corporate Palette: The palette represents the most essential colors that reflect the look feel and essence of your company. We will identify and use the colors that flatter the skin tone of the people working there, enhance a sense of self and make the setting feel complete.

Corporate Perspective: Combining the knowledge acquired when developing your Corporate Profile and Corporate Palette we create your definitive look and means of interacting with the world.


This unified vision will allow appropriate choices to be made in areas such as, staffing and personnel, office décor and layout, uniform/wardrobe and web/marketing display. When all parts of the whole work together, the impact is direct rather than scattered. We utilize every piece in the whole to develop a feel and presentation that builds the identity you want to portray for your business. The ultimate goal of this effort is to provide your company with increased revenue from increased sales.




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