Jewelry / Acccessories

Do you gravitate to the same pieces of jewelry or set of accessories every time you dress, or do you want constant change with every outfit? Do you have a large collection or a few special pieces? Your jewelry and accessories can be organized, repaired, re-created and augmented to suit your lifestyle needs and body type.

A one-on-one consultation includes a jewelry and accessory analysis. Learn to determine where your body proportion spots are located. We will check color, style and size of all your pieces, and identify which pieces are the right ones for you and decide if some of your other pieces can be adapted to your needs. You will learn which pieces go together and how to layer them properly and we will make suggestions for pieces that will fill gaps in what you currently have. The most important part is the confidence and feeling of balance you can attain just by wearing the right jewelry and accessories.

~ Find Thyself ~ Know Thyself ~ Be Thyself ~




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