Northstar Custom Pendant – Styled for You!


Northstar Custom Pendant. Priced in sterling silver and semi-precious stone. Upgrades available as determined in your Northstar Lifestyle Consultation.


Our Northstar custom pendant is the physical manifestation or embodiment of what we teach in our Northstar Consultation.

This piece of jewelry is priced only as a base price using sterling silver and a semi-precious stone. Please understand that for your individual piece, in your Northstar Consultation we will recommend a metal and stone specific to you. As such, the price for your custom individual piece will be priced based on these materials. Gold or white gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, opals all will raise the price for your personal piece. In these cases, the $75 price quoted here will only serve as your deposit for the final balance. We will furnish a final quote after your Northstar Consultation is complete and your personal metal and stone is determined.




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