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What's in Your Northstar?

It begins here - your Northstar Pattern. Find your twelve guiding points of Authenticity. These are the fixed points of reference that keep you on your path to Happiness, Health, Wisdom and Wealth.

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Building Highland Rock

Building my Healthy Home in Colorado is a dream come true. Join me on my journey to build a low-VOC, healthy, low EMF, healthy dream home in the mountains of Colorado that I call Highland Rock.

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What is “eco-conscious” jewelry?

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Make Old New Again…

Make old new again by Adapting two pieces to make a new one!

Adapt Your Jewelry Wardrobe!

Are you bored of the same old jewelry in your drawer, but you don’t want to spend any money on something new? Then it’s time to make the old new again!

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It’s OK to Sparkle!

How-to Cleaning Jewlery Diamond Ring Tips

6 Tips for Cleaning Off Life’s Residues

Don’t be misled, there are many things in life that start out shiny and nice, but wear and tear makes them dull and disinteresting. The point is to be aware of what we find important and keep it up to the best of our ability.

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Building Highland Rock

View of Colorado mountains - Building a Healthy Dream House - Larkspur, Colorado

The view from what will be my living room at Highland Rock - Building a Healthy Dream House in Larkspur, Colorado

Building My Healthy Dream House

Sometimes, in order for clarity to occur, you have to hit rock bottom. When I found myself in a position where the only direction to look was up, it triggered a change in perspective on how I wanted to live my life.

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