My Healthy House has Begun!


Looking back at this blog, I realize it has been a year and a half since that first post! So much has happened that I have not blogged about! But I will, soon!

There were issues with builders, local building codes, roads, neighbor communications, and more. Healthy building materials were being explored and finalized, and Feng shui worked through.

But the BIG NEWS today is that this is NOW REALLY STARTED!

We have decisions on infrastructure, and preliminary permit approvals, and contractors, and final plans.

And this weekend, we actually staked out the house!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

I go visit the site and I instantly feel healthier and energized in the clean Colorado air.

I am so looking forward to sharing this all of you!


Groundbreaking at Highland Rock! Healthy House in progress! Tom Van Horn and Dan Dodds my trusted builders at arms have helped get all the contractors up to snuff on the healthy house procedures! So fortunate to be able to work with all the amazing people on this project




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