The Art of Authenticity System Manifesto

The System TAB: The Art of Authenticity
The Secret to Thriving using your Authentic Perspective.
FACT: YOU are Authentic. Your Surroundings Matter, All Matter has Frequency.
We determine your Authentic Perspective by determining with Astrology and Direct Observation of the Physical what you are “made of” in:
Mind, Body and Emotions
How you think, feel and translate the two with your physical body
On, In and Around You
Your wardrobe and accessories, diet and exercise, and your living surroundings
The Vibrations of Color, Sound and Proportion
Color Palettes, Elemental Makeup, Proportions and Sounds that make up your most beneficial vibrations
Vibration is the key that Matters most
Jennifer literally feels people, and feels that all are born with the blueprint of a perfect container full of their unique individual vibrations. There is a sound, color and proportion combination that creates a frequency that belongs just to them, like a signal that shines outward from their stardust and clay container. When the container and the frequency vibrations are clean and purified, the signal that shines from within is true and balanced.
There are no two people exactly alike (even twins!) due to differences in the vibrations occurring at birth involving parental dna, time, place and circumstances, etc. There is no identical Matter that surrounds two people, no two containers that contain the same combination of stardust and clay, and no two sound and color combinations that vibrate exactly in the same way. Neither are any two thoughts, emotions or pieces of physical matter exactly the same.
Vibrations, in any form, can come together in various places on the continuum of harmony and dissonance, as well as rise in octaves as on the continuum of higher to lower frequencies. The combination of vibrations that make up your whole determine the standard of your life, and where you fall on the continuum of thriving or surviving. Knowing the combinations of your personal Astro/ Observable vibration is key to finding out where you resonate with the things that create harmony in your surroundings in all areas of life, Visible and Invisible.
Sound lonely or like you don’t have anything to belong to without similarities to others? Have no fear! There are many general categories or larger containers, if you will, that individuals fit into that their sound and colors blend well with. The best way Jennifer finds to explain the containers of sound and color that are more general for individuals to “fit” into are in association with Astrology on the unseen, intangible cosmic level, and the different “clay forms” people come from a physical level.
Astrological input gives us the established Invisible vibrational qualities of the 12 planets and celestial bodies, the zodiac signs they are assigned to and thereby the corresponding elements, modalities and lifeforms (human, animal, plant, mineral) that are in an individuals chart at the time of birth. You can meet others from the place of sharing a sun sign, Ascendant or Moon sign on a broader level, or from a more subtle place of being and introvert or an extrovert.
Direct Observation of the physical establishes the Visible resonance formed from the physical shape of the body as a whole. The color, movement and proportions of the body combine to form the elemental constitution of the individual. You can meet others from what you find appealing in the Visible like a their sense of fashion or style, eye/skin/hair combinations or physical muscle and bone structures.
Leave the Past Behind
To do this work you must embrace the possibility that YOU can create a new reality for yourself by introducing new knowledge to your brain. Your brain creates feelings and emotions based upon memories of past experiences. In order to move forward into a new and different experience, you must put the bast down and experience what’s in your surroundings as they are right now, without bias. This isn’t an easy thing without
AWARENESS. One you are aware, you can take control of how you think, which controls what you choose to do and your entire state of Being. With guidance and knowledge, you can release the fear, attachment or anger you have to the past and move forward without the negative emotions that may be holding you back from thriving.
Respond don’t React
Much of this work will bring new information into your awareness. Reacting to the information is something that happens without thought or consciousness. It can cause knee-jerk lower emotions that create actions that are defensive and angry, just as easily as it can cause sudden joy or insight. Responding the the information is more helpful as it allows you to digest the information as neutral while using the education and awareness that comes with the consultations, classes and workshops to allow you to take healthy aware actions with your newfound information.
The Whole is Greater then the Sum of it’s Parts
Everything in your surroundings, the air you breathe, the house you live in, the coat you’re wearing and the necklace your children gave you for Mother’s Day has it’s own unique vibration or resonance. Every little thing, from the smallest molecule to the largest combination of different materials has an energy, a song, a vibration that is unique to the combination of pieces that make up it’s whole. The whole can and should be greater than the sum of it’s parts. Just as a house is made from building materials and labor, it doesn’t become a HOME until it is lived in, laughed in, loved in and thought about as where you live. Home can’t have it’s unique vibration until all of the parts, pieces and people come together, but when they do, they make something bigger than just a place to stay, they make the foundation for a thriving life.
Your Body is Your Subconscious Translator
Learn how to go with the flow that naturally occurs in your mental, physical and emotional processes. It is such an important skill that allows you to not get stuck in any one side or process, you just simply let go of any attachment, fear or anger and make the best decisions based upon elevated emotions in your present time place and circumstances. The biggest place a person can get stuck is in the Invisible Realm between the conscious mind and the unconscious emotions. The Visible body is constantly translating the vibrations that the Invisible creates between what the mind is thinking and the emotions are feeling.
IF you go with the flow and keep moving through thoughts and feelings, never getting stuck in a rut or a one sided pattern, your body remains a healthy and well-functioning container. If not, the flow is interrupted. The longer it remains interrupted, the more there becomes dis-ease in the body. Thinking and feeling can both can get you caught up in patterns that lead to the same place every time. Neural pathways in the brain are formed when the same path is taken over and over again like a ditch you slide into and can’t get out without assistance. These pathways are intrinsically neutral, leading to greatness as often as dis-ease, its just the more you use them, the deeper they become ingrained, “good” or “bad”.
The physical body as a translator uses correlations to mind and emotions on many levels, associating with specific regions and pathways of the body, body parts, organs even going so subtle as to make lines in specific places on the face, ears, hands or feet reflexively. The healthier your body is, the more ease your physical body experiences, and you don’t struggle with vibrations that are out of tune.
The mental aspect is the vibration generated by your thinking process. Your conscious mind is a flow of thoughts that give off it’s own vibrations based upon what you are thinking at any given time. Thoughts really are “things” that influence the vibe you send out around you. In other words, they Matter! (thoughtforms becoming matter chart maybe?)
The emotional vibration comes from how you Feel. It’s your unconscious, governed by your emotions, also gives off a vibration that is influenced by the quality or frequency of emotions you experience. The lower the vibration of the emotion, the higher the vibration needed to counteract or purify the vibe so you can thrive. Elevated emotions are the key that unlocks many doors in your Authentic Perspective. (show chart of emotions and their frequencies)
I love the definition that a teacher once used to describe perfection. He said that when something is “perfect” it is exactly as is is meant to be innately. Not as it’s supposed to be, or as you want it to be, but as it was meant to be. We are all born perfect, you just have to understand what that means for you as an individual. The container, the vibration, the light, the sound, the purpose are all perfect if you allow them to be.
Change is the only Constant
It really is. No two things are the same, and emotional, mental and physical elements shift constantly. This is not meant to cause fear, but to bring to mind that you must choose to respond or react all the time. The more you understand yourself, and what/when/how/why the best choices are for YOU, the more likely you are to change in a positive way that supports your Authenticity.
There are Two Sides to Everything- Paradox- Mirrors and Shadows
The past is behind you. Train your brain with the right information and you will raise your general state of being.
Do no Harm – Take no Shit
This work can be frightening for others. It takes courage and power to make change for yourself, and those around you may experience fear, anger or attachment at your transformation and subsequent confidence. It is very important that you move through the changes with grace and ease. The way you can do that is by having full knowledge of yourself, your needs and your methods of attainment. If you make changes to benefit yourself personally without intended harm to another, then you may unapologetically move forward with your Authentic life. DO NOT take personally the comments and actions of those who are threatened by your transformation, change is the only constant, and those who are stuck cannot change with you.
Eyes are the Window to the World – the window to Wonder
What do your eyes see when you look out. What do you gravitate to connecting with when you view the world? When you know the Lens with which you see the world, it makes your sense of wonder even stronger. Your Authentic Pattern shows you which Lens you use the most strongly, and allows you to recognize how others do or don’t see with lenses like yours!
Why use the Art of Authenticity?
Authenticity is Attractive (because beauty is in the eye of the beholder) The 12 main areas of life are our key places where our vibrations can become harmonic or dissonant. The harmonics of the 12 areas (show PIC) combined with the Invisible and Visible components make up the frequency combination of your color, sound and proportion Authentic Perspective. Use this information from your Authentic Perspective as the keys to open the doors to all areas of life you experience.
*Remember that you always have the free will to create your own reality, and only you have the power to turn the keys, and actually walk into whatever door you choose to enter: separate as visible and invisible guidance:
Provide a Life Blueprint (?) GUIDE< MAP ETC>
reawaken your sense of wonder
get clear on your personal philosophy
discover what you value
Get clear on your version of spirituality
get rid of what you don’t need to make room for what you do
learn about how to get along with others without losing yourself
learn how different cultures, races and sexes interact with one another energetically
get a grip on your cosmology-what YOUR Universe is made of
learn practical actions you can take to make your inner dreams come true
know your self worth
spend money on things YOU value
learn how to be in the PRESENT without carrying your past with you or going
too far into the future
Make you aware of strengths and weaknesses and how to balance them
forecast and plan your future
Perfect Wardrobe -present yourself to the world as you are inside
Jewelry and Accessories Wardrobe
5 Senses support
Diet and Exercise
Ideal 12 Areas of Life
Confirm our Life Purpose
Provide a Tool to understand others better
Dream home identification and design
Identify your style of learning
How to create personal Armour through Fashion.
Break the habit of being yourself
find the life you’re looking for
know your perfect place to live

The realm of Stone Angel Studios, transform your life from surviving to thriving…Find the Life
you’re looking for.

Step into the realm of Stone Angel Studios, a destination only for people who are looking for a whole new approach to what Matters in their lives. Think of it as making a departure from the door of your everyday life and an entering into the door leading to thriving through your Authenticity. Your everyday life will never be the same….
I’ll be your Guide and Guardian Angel while you’re here and I promise to nurture and protect you as if you were family. I’ll shine the light for you to follow your own path to reach Authenticity. Allow me to use my combined talents as a Sensitive, Astrologer and a multi-media Artist to highlight for you the Ideal Surroundings On, In and Around you, generate follow through and methods of attainment that YOU can use to create your own reality to thrive.
I designed Stone Angel Studios to be a place where you can enter from the Visible and the Invisible, your choice based upon what’s most appealing to you in your present time, place and circumstances. There is no one right way, right path or right direction to begin your journey, all paths lead to the center, YOU, if you keep walking. Detours are to be expected, roadblocks happen for a reason and sometimes the path has to be cleared in order to be able to walk on it. The Light is always there, you must remember to look for it and Help is always to be found if you ask.
There are so many methods and modalities already out there developed by different people based upon their own journeys. Some parts of many of them may aid and abet you on your own journey. The Art of Authenticity is my systematic offering to the world to define ideals, create follow through and methods of attainment that I find repeatedly beneficial for myself and my clientele.
Authentic Wholeness is defined as the ability to Find, Know and Be Thyself by surrounding yourself with what Matters. I create your Authentic Template from both the Visible and Invisible through Direct Observation and Astrology. From this Template, you become aware, educated and actively create your own reality making the best possible choices from the circumstances at any given time.
In order to attain Authentic Wholeness, you must first be aware of all the parts that create the whole. Mind, Body and Emotions must be assessed for both the ideal and present forms, distilled or purified to remove lower vibrational energies, and right actions taken to create the most beneficial reality possible at all times, in all areas of life. Sound complicated? It’s not, it’s just a learning process that leads to personal transformation one step at a time.




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