The Northstar Project

Jennifer Kaufman Stone Angel Studios Silver Northstar Pendant

Everyone needs to come with a Guidebook, but since that doesn’t happen, I created the Northstar Consultation to establish the fixed and reliable points of reference that we all need to create our foundation in life. These points are meant to shine brightly so that wherever you are on your path, you know the key elements that will light the path for us when we are in the dark.

The Northstar Project began in 2016 when I created the Northstar Consultation and a jeweled physical touchstone for my clients to remind them to of their Authentic Foundation and to provide illumination to guide them on their individual paths.

The Northstar Pendant (link) is made to order with your choice of size, metal, center stone, and finish. For each client who participates in an interactive North Star Consultation, I provide a personal recommendation of the most beneficial Northstar pendant, and make their piece according to their wishes.

Join the project and participate in your own Northstar Consultation and learn the structure of the 12 most important things everyone should know about themselves:

Your Master Gemstone
What best determines your Feelings
How your Mind and Communication work best
Your Personal Motto
Your Dominant Element
Your Dominant Modality
Your Overall Aspirations in life
What’s in your Treasure Chest that are the Tools and Resources you can easily call upon to achieve your Aspirations?
How you best Rest and Recharge to gather energy to take your Aspirations out into the world?
What Archetype you embody to make your best offering to the world in the form of Work or Career
The Meaning of your Name(s)

Jennifer Kaufman Stone Angel Studios North Star Jewelry Lifestyle Wardrobe Consultant

I consider the Northstar Project the perfect opportunity to Find Thyself, Know Thyself and Be Thyself. It is an awakening to the awareness of the keys you already have within you. When you understand that YOU are the lock, and you just need to find the keys, once found you can open whatever door you happen to encounter in your surroundings.

My goal is to nourish and support as many people as possible determine their Authentic Foundations in life, and help them embody their healthy, beautiful souls. Living life as a practice, you will always be discovering new and different paths along the way, and hopefully, you will choose the ones that have a light shining upon them.

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