Thoughts and a Tip on Accessories for Your Wardrobe

An outfit isn’t an outfit until you have found the right accessories to complete it. It is important to know, the accessories, to work, have to match your body type and personal coloring as much as they match the clothing.

First find what you already have in your wardrobe that you love or the pieces that people remark upon when they see you wear them. It could be something like your grandfather’s enameled cufflink you had made into a pendant, or the three-stone necklace your husband gave you for Mother’s Day. You might have a distinctive Burberry scarf worn on special occasions or vintage handbag that just feels right.

Second, the idea is to end up with that pulled together look that seems to happen naturally, but we all know takes a serious effort. When adding to your collection of accessories match them to yourself as much as you match them to your clothes.

A tip when buying necklaces, use my guide for fitting necklaces to your body type, then buy them in several lengths.

Stone Angel Studios Necklace Body Proportion edited 2-3-14




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