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If you love vintage jewelry, this is the place for you! My Stone Angel Rocks jewelry line evokes the feeling and movement of vintage pieces from the Renaissance to the Art Deco eras. Just like all the great pieces of jewelry that have stood the test of time, I create beautiful heirloom quality jewels that incorporate the benefits of modern technology with timeless style.

I am a strong believer that jewelry is one of the clearest ways to express your personal style. The metals, stones and patterns of my jewelry all have an energy, that when chosen correctly, resonate with you and make you look and feel your best, making a statement without words. The right color palette, movement and proportions work with your skin tone, body type and personality to enhance natural beauty.

Stone Angel Rocks has four collections with which to adorn yourself. My Made-to Order Collection is hand-finished with your personal gemstones and metal selections. The Gallery Collection is comprised of one of a kind pieces made from gemstones and materials that “talk to” me at gem and jewelry shows. The Authentic Collection is custom creations hand made from your ideas (or ours!) to your specifications of design and cost. And finally, my Sports Collection is made-to-order pieces created to elegantly support your favorites athletes as they play today and treasure as memories in the future.




Custom Designed Jewelry
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